VND's avatar of her dressed in Dodger gear holding an ice cream cone, drawn on MS Paint by a friend.

VietnamDodger (commonly referred to by the initialism VND) is one of the most well-known and noteworthy figures in the MSTI community. 

She was a catalyst for generating discussion for Mike Petriello's game threads during 2012, and continued to be one of the most prolific commentors in 2013.  Only Disgruntled Goat has posted more comments than her, and she has liked more comments than any other member.

Life on MSTIEdit

VND one of the few prominent females in the MSTI comments section. 

She has been quoted saying "I don't play by the rules." In the late evenings, she often pushes the limits of what the moderators will allow, posting moderately lewd images and entertaining discussions about sexual topics.


She enjoys drama.  Her strong, passionate personality has led into occasional feuds with other MSTI members over hot button topics such as education and politics. 

Despite a tendency to tease and poke fun at her wild behavior, the members of the MSTI community respect VND as a person for her contributions to society with her career path.

VND also enjoys making up rules, such as the 20 minute rule, which are consistently ignored and frequently mocked by calling the "rule" a "*suggestion." 

Usernames Edit

VND is known for constantly changing her username.

  • needshitforcycle (7/9/14-?)

VND describes her life with 4 objects - her pager, her ICU book, her stethoscope, and a baseball.

Personal LifeEdit

VND was born January 30, 1984.  Her family is from Northern Vietnam, and she was born after they immigrated to Mexico.  They then moved to Southern California, and she grew up listening to Vin Scully as she learned the country.  She continued to follow the Dodgers even during her extended visits back to her homeland.

VND pursued an education in the field of medicine, and finished her final year in residency as an anesthesiologist at UCSF in June 2014.  She now resides in Sacramento, CA.

She is currently in a relationship with Ben, a medical resident also in the Bay Area.


  • VND is fluent in 3 languages.  English is her third language.
  • Her favorite player is Juan Uribe, who she affectionately named Urbie.
  • She capped and popularized The Mere Occasion of Sin.
  • She won "Best Poster of the Year" in the first annual MSTYs.
  • Her first initial is "P".
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