Tony riding on a magic carpet with Scott Van Slyke.

Tony M. Fernandez
is a prominent member of the MSTI Community

MSTI LifeEdit

He is most well known for his affectionate admiration of Scott Van Slyke and his baseball garphs with curiously labeled x-axes.

Real LifeEdit

Tony M. Fernandez's real name is Tony M. Fernandez.  He is a teaching assistant in a microbiology lab in UCLA.  He writes a blog called "Beer, Guns, and Baseball" about his opinions on politics and other personal areas of interest.

Fernandez was nominated and unianimously voted as the Most Informative Poster in the 2013  MSTY awards for his frequent detailed, statistical analyses using many garphs and complicated sabremetics, therefore he includes "MSTI Most Informative Poster" at the end of his username.

As the photo indicates, Tony also loves purple drank.
Tony fernandez jpg drank

Tony sippin on some Sizzurp

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