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The Near Occasion of Sin is a short essay written by Hurtin about how Sue Falsone should not be the Dodgers trainer because it will cause her to sin.  It was capped by VietnamDodger and reposted frequently, as other members found it both ridiculous and hilarious.

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The near occasion of sin.  Women should not be working is close quarters with men and touching their bodies.  She is married as are many of the men she is around and flirts with.  Our Lord said he who looks at another women lustfully commits adultery in his heart.  It is human nature when members of the opposite sex are together to have thoughts and to willingly entertain them and then engage in "innocent" banter and touches until out pops a brand new baby dodger trainer.  Plus the players can be more apt to play tough and act like things do not really hurt when they do to impress her.  There is nothing sexist with wanting to avoid the near occasion of sin.  Modern society will laugh it to scorn but they laughed Christ to scorn as will.  When these men look Christ in the eye on their judgment they will not be laughing.  Men out there.  If you were always hanging out in a women's locker and seeing them change and were always touching their bodies when checking their injuries you would not have thoughts?  

Sexist? I have more respect for women than most.  I am FULLY loyal to my wife as actually try not to look at any women, especially if they are immodestly dressed and I do not look at other women as objects or fantasize about having illicit sex with them.  

It would be sexist if I said she is not capable of doing a good job merely because she is a woman.  That is not what I am saying at all. 

I am saying it is not appropriate for her to do so.  But again, objectively looking at the results, if one had to guess one way or the other, it would seem she was not doing a good job, or has no control over whether they get injured or had a run of incredibly bad luck.  I would look into replacing her even if a was a godless naturalistic man who did not care about letting men be led into sin and damnation because the are forced to be intimate with a woman who they are not married to.


You can dismiss it but the truth is the truth even if no one believes it.


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