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has been commenting on the site since around the time of the initial transition to Livefyre.

TheConman has become known for his MSPaints, Photoshops, and GIFs.  He created and popularized most of the Dancing Grimace GIFs used when demanding Game Threats. His work has garnered him one of the highest fap/comment ratios on the site. 

On July 30th, 2013, Mike Petriello used one of TheConman's photoshops in a post entitled "Brian Wilson, Los Angeles Dodger".

Some of his notable works include: Ballparks and Recreation GIF, Game Threat Level Chart, Juannie-the-Pooh GIFs/Images, #OstrichFacesofMLB, Kershaw vs. Dbacks GIF, Donnie/Mutumbo blocks Kemp, Outfielders Enjoy Orange Mocha Frappuccinos, Lineup GIFs, and Mock Posters for the Australia Series.

His works have been seen on MLB Cut4, MLB Memes, CBS Sports' Eye on Baseball, USA Today's, and various other sports sites. In February 2014, former Dodgers Social Media coordinator, Josh Tucker, used his "Puig Doing the Ski Jump" GIF for a Dodgers Insider article.

Real LifeEdit

Born and raised in the beach cities of the Los Angeles area, TheConman has been a Dodgers fan his whole life.

For some reason, he is currently in a relationship with a Giants fan.