"Just don't throw it at my head!"

TFB (short for The Flying Bitchface) is the MSTI community's nickname for former Phillies player Shane Victorino.  It is a play off of Victorino's traditional nickname, the Flyin' Hawaiian.  The hate of Shane Victorino stems from a benches-clearing incident in Game 3 of the 2008 NLCS.

The Lasorda's Lair siblings also referred to Victorino as a bitchface, or "rat face" as coined by Stacie Wheeler. This was after Victorino's repeated annoyances against the Dodgers and their fans during the 2008 NLCS. The annoyance of Victorino continued to bother the siblings into the 2009 NLCS and beyond into later years. Scott Andes noticed that with Victorino's ability to steal bases and be a general pest on the base paths, and dubbed him as "rat boy" as well.

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