"Hi, I'm Steve Lyons."

Steve Lyons 
is a sportscaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Although he has a substantial amount of supporters amongst the greater populous of Dodger fans, he is widely disliked by the members of the MSTI community, who much prefer Vin Scully.


Steve Lyons has been criticized by Mike Petriello on numerous occassions for odd and illogical baseball positions.  He is most often mocked for his quote that home runs are "Rally Killers".  Lyons stated that he prefers a double to a home run because it maintains pressure on the pitcher batter to batter instead of clearing the bases and wiping a clean slate, thus improving the chances of a big inning.  Although the statement is not entirely false, the subtle potential gain from increased pressure on a pitcher is not enough to outweigh the immediate extra run scored provided in a home run.


Steve Lyons and McKayla Maroney, posing together while the Kiss Cam is being displayed on the screen.

Steve & McKayla Edit

On August 31, 2013, the Olympic Gold Medalist and star of the 'not impressed' meme McKayla Maroney visited Dodger Stadium.  Steve Lyons was photographed with her in 2 different locations, and Maroney tweeted later that night for everyone to follow Lyons on twitter because he's a great guy.  

This led to some light-hearted speculation on MSTI that there might be some chemistry between the two.  The most convincing evidence, it seems, comes from a picture Lyons posted on twitter of himself and Maroney with the caption, "Notice I didn't get the 'not interested' face!"  Since he clearly intended to say 'not impressed' face, one has to wonder if this was a Freudian Slip.

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