Manual Retweets of the Dodgers lineup amongst beat writers caused twitter feeds to be cluttered up with the same tweet over and over again.

RT is a preface used before copying someone else's tweet and posting it one's own timeline.  The process of doing so is called Manual Retweeting.  Eric Stephen from TrueBlueLA is well known for frequent manual retweeting.


The art of manual retweeting has been criticized by VietnamDodger for two reasons. 

  1. It does not give proper credit to the original tweeter.  The manual retweeter will get all of the subsequent favorites and retweets, without the original tweeter's avatar shown in juxtaposition.
  2. Dodger fans often follow the same core group of important Dodger reporters and information feeds on twitter.  If everyone manually retweets a piece of news, the tweet will clutter up someone's feed instead of just appearing once.

The campaign

The Campaign against Manual RetweetingEdit

VND took it upon herself to constantly pester Eric Stephen whenever he manually retweeted so that he would cease doing so.  Subsequently, in order to aid VND in her quest (but also in part to annoy VND), many of her compatriots at MSTI took to Twitter and began manually retweeting each other to the point where their entire tweets consisted of @ mentions and no actual content.

Usage on MSTIEdit

RT is occasionally used on MSTI when shamelessly reposting a comment as a way to poke light at those who accidentally post a piece of information that has already been posted.

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