Purple Drank's avatar, a photoshopped image of McDonald's mascot Grimace with grills holding purple drank and a Dodgers flag.

Purple Drank (aka Drank, Purps, Pencil Dick, Nipper-Sipper) is an award-winning member of the MSTI community and was the most active user on the site in 20

MSTI LifeEdit


Being a drank, Purple Drank has many difficulties assimilating to the life of normal human beings.

Often, MSTI Community Members are curious as to how Purple Drank does many human-like activities when he is a bottle of codeine syrup.  Purple Drank will usually offer a straightforward explanation (he types by rolling around on the keyboard) or a humorous one (he can see with the eyes/i's on his label).  If Purple Drank does not feel like typing up an answer, he will simply say that it's magic.

Drank is also recognized as one of the more articulate and publicly engaged members of the MSTI community since he has written several strongly worded letters to people and institutions outside of the MSTI world. Most notably he has written to Keith Law regarding Law's original scouting report on Yasiel Puig and to Lifefyre regarding their racism and technical ineptitude. 

It is rumored that Drank's heart is not healthy enough for sex, but Drank maintains that he " had sex with my gf last night on God's high holy day."

Real LifeEdit

Purple Drank was born in the mid 1980s in Los Angeles, CA, to Papa Purps and Mama Drank. Both of Drank's parents are purple beverages raised in Houston, only to migrate to Los Angeles.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Drank had trouble communicating with other beverages, due to the fact that beverages are inanimate objects.  During his childhood he was primarily sold around Eagle Rock.  Though, as a drank, he was not elegible for scholarships, he attended Cal State University through a trust fund his parents created from the drug money]

Drank likes to troll baseball journalists on twitter. In May 2013, Drank engaged in a public feud with Ken Rosenthal, who blocked Drank because Drank called him a "bad journalist." Rosenthal eventually unblocked Drank because Mike put in a good word for it. Other notable figures trolled by Drank include Keith Law, Buster Olney, Mark Saxon, Jon Morosi, Jon Heyman, Juan Pierre, and Jamarcus Russell.

Buster olney trolling

Drank trolling Buster Olney