Plaza's avatar on MSTI. Even an avatar of puppies could not save him from universal scorn in the MSTI community.

Plaza234 (commonly known as Plaza) is a former member of the MSTI community.  He was infamous for repeatedly arguing in defense of unpopular opinions to the point of extreme annoyance.  His most prominently stated position was that Matt Kemp would never be the same after his 2012 crash into the Coors Field wall, and should be traded.  He was the charter (and only) member of the Trade Matt Kemp Bandwagon.  He is responsible for the creation of the term "Plaza'd".


On June 11, 2013, after the Dodgers/Diamondbacks brawl, Plaza posted a comment that stated, "Puig's not a pussy like the rest of the Dodgers."  When asked what he meant by 'pussy', he responded, "weakling, lacking competiteveness, a coward."  He further stated that he didn't use one of these other words instead because 'pussy' was easier as it "encompasses all of them".  When asked not to use the word in a demeaning manner again by Dbrim, Plaza retorted, "Sorry, you can leave the political correct BS at the door.  If you can't handle the truth, don't look at my posts." Plaza was subsequently banned for refusing to recant his misogyny.