"Paul" is a member of the MSTI Community known for his continually changing username centered around "Paul" related puns. Prior to the Livefyre conversion, he commented as simply "Paul" but was forced to adapt "The_Real_Paul" as "Paul" was already taken. Since then he has gone by "apaulogies," "Hidden Paul Trick," "Paul_Me_Maybe," "Pauloffs," and several other names. Despite the name changes, his avatar has remained a flying hellfish from The Simpsons for most of his tenure on MSTI. 

Paul's activity level fluctuates heavily, as he is known to be absent for weeks at a time followed by commenting binges. His contributions range from lazily drawn Garphs, one-liners, and occassional serious analysis and argument. He is known for his notoriously stingy likes given to likes received ratio, making a "Paul Like" something of a badge of honor.