Music Hour is a time when all baseball related topics have been exhausted and the remaining members of the MSTI Community instead post links to YouTube videos with their favorite songs. This inevitably leads to heated discussions about the musicality and merits of one's music choices. Music Hour typically takes place during what was formally known as the "Late Late Show (or Late Show with VND)," though it can also occur during daytime hours, usually on off days or during the All Star Break. 

Multicultural music was shared, ranging from typical American genres to Vietnamese artists. Music hour started with a mutual interest in Jazz with spots of Country, and eventually evolved to the sharing of Rap, Hip Hop, Vietnamese, Punk Rock, Metal, and Electric (plus sub genres). However, the initial lack of cultural variety left a few commenters with a feeling of disconnect.

The legality of Music Hour remains questionable, as some members of the MSTI Community (including moderator EephusBlue) find the flood of videos annoying and unconstructive. As a result, the frequency of sessions has been drastically reduced, though no official ban seems to exist. 

Notable recurring themes include Jake's relentless defense of Green Day despite widespread opposition and VND's disdain for Jay-Z (insisting that Nas is the superior artist because of the significance behind his message).