Announcing the winner for the "Awesome Moderator of the Year Award" category during the 2013 MSTYs

The MSTYs are an annual event created and hosted by Purple Drank during the All-Star break.


On July 18, 2013 during the All-Star break, when there was a lull in baseball activity and general boredom amongst the community, Purple Drank had an idea.  "In honor of the totally-awesome-and-everybody-watched-it ESPYs, I think we should have our own pointless awards ceremony: the MSTYs," he proposed.

Msty awards

Purple Drank's post announcing the winners of the 2013 MSTYs.

The 2013 MSTYsEdit

Italics means nominated, Bold means won.

Poster of the Year

  • Chris Jackson 

Post of the Year

  • "Please be more mature" by a 30 year old poster
  • "I'm Literally on a Toilet" by VND
  • "Youre asking for a face raping" by VND
  • "I wasn't pooping" by VND
  • "Sperm gives birth to lead poles" by VND
  • "You're wondering if Ned is hard, thinking about this" by VND
  • "Matt Harvey almost naked" by Dang88
  • "I'd rather not think when  visit this site" by Disgruntled Goat
Photoshop/MS Paint of the Year

The co-winner of the Photoshop/MS Paint MSTY.

  • "Tony riding a Magic Carpet with Scott Van Slyke" by EephusBlue
  • "Amy's Baking Company + Geoguessr" by Thsatapaddlin
  • "On Identifying Trolls" by Blah

<u>Newcomer of the Year

Awesome Moderator of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award

Uplifting Story Award


Unofficial CategoriesEdit

Nominations were made, but no official voting took place and no official winner was announced.

Troll of the Year

Lamest Post of the Year (infamously suggested by efb) 

Wet Blanket of the Year

Biggest Suck-Up of the Year


The MSTYs have been criticized by the numerous members who did not win any awards, or felt that the award selection process was unfair due to biased officiating.  After the awards were anounced and winners proclaimed their victory in their usernames, other members parodied this with titles of their own made-up awards.  There was a setiment amongst the Late Night Crew that Blah in particular was snubbed, as they felt he should have won something.  Purple Drank's response was that Blah could not be expected to win since he didn't show up to campaign for himself, which was true since Blah was out of town at the time.

A Potato hosted the 2015 awards.

There were no MSTYs in 2016. WTF?!?!


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