The MSTI Family Portrait, 2013.

The MSTI Community is a group of individuals that came together in the MSTI comments section and developed their own culture.



Usernames are an important part of a community member's identity.  Often, individuals will post as anthropomorphic versions of the animals/objects in their username (examples: Disgruntled Goat, Purple Drank).

Since Livefyre allows users to change their names, people will often change their name quite frequently.  Some will do it because they want a new name (SpaceDodgers, VietnamDodger).  Others will have their name be a continually-changing pun based around one central word (Blah, DKDodgers, Paul).

An example of a serious question getting a sarcastic response and receiving a lot of likes.


Because MSTI users enjoy being snarky, and because it is more likely to get likes, it is a common practice to post sarcastic responses to serious questions.

Unacceptable BehaviorEdit

Foul language is allowed, and seen as a natural expression of heightened emotion.  Places that do not allow foul language are sometimes even joked about.  Sexist, racist, or homophobic slurs, however, are highly looked down upon.  In general, anything that is considered sexist, racist, or homophobic is highly discouraged usually results in a one-way ticket to bozoland if not immediately retracted.

There are also several nicknames that must be used in lieu of the actual name if one wants to avoid playful chastisement from the community.

  • The Atlanta Braves must always be referred to as the Barves.
  • Football must always be reffered to as Handegg.
  • To a lesser extent, the San Francisco Giants must be referred to as the Gnats.


Since trolls generally don't bother putting avatars on their profiles, any commenter that does not have an avatar is generally treated as a second-class citizen.