EephusBlue's photoshop of Mark McGwire with green skin like the Hulk during the infamous Dodgers - Diamondbacks brawl is one of the most liked comments in the history of MSTI.

Likes (also informally kown as Faps) are a method of approving a comment by another MSTI user.  It is a subconcious goal of many MSTI users to garner as many likes as possible.  It is a concious goal for many more.

There are many different types of comments that reliably get many likes.  Examples include thoughtful and well-written comments, sarcastic responses to serious questions, quality photoshops, hasty MS Paint jobs, posts that took a lot of time and effort, and reposts of amusing tweets.

It is not permitted by Livefyre for a user to like their own comment, and the most narcissistic of MSTI users are notified of this with a gentle reminder.

Comments with over 10 Likes are uncommon.  Comments with over 20 Likes are extremely rare and noteworthy, a testament to wide approval and praise by the MSTI Community. 


The origin of the term "Faps"


In July 2012, in the middle of a particularly immature discussion, Catfishin suggested to Mike that the name of "Likes" should be changed to "Faps".  The term caught on, and became so popular that by a month later it was essentially the default word for referring to Likes.  Jokes about masturbation exponentially increased, and culminated in the creation of MSTI's annual holiday of Fapmas.


Disgruntled Goat currently has the most Likes Recieved, with over 40,000.  VietnamDodger currently has the most Likes Given, with over 30,000.  TheConman has the best Likes Recieved per Comment statistic of any long-time prolific user, of about 1.6.  EephusBlue has the most Likes Recieved on any individual comment, with 31.

Most Liked Comments of All Time (20+ Likes)Edit

  1. EephusBlue's screencap of Brian Kenny wearing his Stop Bunting Shirt on MLB Now (31 Likes)
  2. TheConman's Sad Dancing Dodgers Bear Meme (30 Likes)
  3. EephusBlue's Hulk McGwire Photoshop (28 Likes)
  4. Mike announces DodgersDigest (25 Likes)
  5. TheConMan's Mountain of Poop in the middle of Busch Stadium (25 Likes)
  6. loadingcat.png by Potato (24 Likes)
  7. TheConman's Goat as Dodgers Manager MSPaint (23 Likes)
  8. Blah leaves MSTI to focus on schoolwork (23 Likes)
  9. TheConMan's GIF of Adrian Gonzalez as Mickey Mouse sweeping AT&T Park (23 Likes)
  10. EephusBlue's Luis Cruz Pop-Up GIF (22 Likes)
  11. Ebautista's 3rd World Kid Uribe Skeptical of Bunts Photoshop/Meme (22 Likes)
  12. Blah's MSTI Family Portrait (22 Likes)
  13. Lobo's Speech after the final game of the 2013 Season (22 Likes)
  14. TheConMan's comic of Blah's first date (22 Likes)
  15. EephusBlue's Mike Petriello sitting on throne clapping GIF (21 Likes)
  16. DBrim posts a tweet about how the Giants have lost 23.6% Playoff Odds in 7 days (21 Likes)
  17. Catfishin's Chris Withrow/Yosemite Sam comparison (20 Likes)
  18. DodgernolongerlivingintheBay's story about a helpful stadium staff member (20 Likes)
  19. FJinCLE's Adrian Gonzalez Steamboat Willie Photoshop (20 Likes)
  20. Mike Petriello's announcement that he will be a Guest on MLB Now (20 Likes)
  21. TheConMan posts the GIF that took him the longest to make (20 Likes)
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