LA Woman's classic avatar.

LA Woman
is a well-known MSTI community member.  She is a fairly liberal like-giver, second on the site only to VietnamDodger. Her calm, mature presence along with a flexible work schedule that allows her to stay up late has led her to be unofficially dubbeded the moderator of the Late Night Crew. She is a big fan of Matt Kemp and Champion of the inaugural MSTI Fantasy Baseball League. 


For a long time, LA Woman's avatar was the Dodgers Hello Kitty bobblehead.  After the Dodgers had a bad start to the 2013 season, LA Woman changed the avatar to a Ninja Hello Kitty on Jun 22nd.  The Dodgers subsequently went 42-8, and the avatar change was credited as helping with this good luck.  The Dodgers began to lose again in September, though, so LA Woman changed the avatar back to Dodgers Hello Kitty on the night she went to Dodger stadium.  That night Juan Uribe hit 3 home runs, and the avatar change was again considered a resounding success.

Personal Life

LA Woman's real name is Lorainne.  She is a 3rd generation Japanese-American living in the Los Angeles Area.