Josh Beckett replaces Colonel Sanders in a parody KFC logo - "Josh's Fried Chicken".

Josh Beckett 
is a starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, acquired during the Punto Trade.


Josh Beckett was initially disliked for his medicore performance on the field, coupled with a tendency to make games drag by taking a lot of time between pitches.  During 2014, though, he had a resurgence, pitching a no-hitter and becoming an important cog of the Dodgers starting rotation.

While many assume the nickname "Buckett" is a reference to his supposed obsession with fried chicken, it's actually a play on words for the phrase "kicked the bucket," which described his Dodger career prior to his 2014 mini-resurgence, capped by his no-hitter. Subsequently, his nickname is rarely used these days although a few bad starts may quickly change that.

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