Magic Johnson's twitter feed is well-known on MSTI for containing simplistic and inept commentary on the Dodgers.

#Analysis is used to sarcastically categorize a statement as containing faulty, vapid, or incorrect analysis.


Analysis has 3 general uses.

The first use is to poke fun at something a professional analyst has written that is either poorly reasoned or rather obvious - in any case, not the standards of writing quality they are expected to abide by.

The second use is the poke fun at something an amateur spectator has written that is poorly reasoned because they are attempting to analyze above their knowledge level, or rather obvious because they don't realize that what they said isn't exactly a revelation.  The most well-known person in this category is Magic Johnson, who co-owns the Dodgers but only has a layman's knowledge of the game.  His tweets are known as #MagicTweets.  He regularly posts twitter updates about things that most anybody following the Dodgers would already know, and makes comments that have misleading implications.  An example would be the following tweet   - "Carl Crawford has had multiple game with hits since soming back from the injury", when in reality Carl Crawford had gone into a terrible slump since returning from the injury.

The third use is to denote a sarcastic piece of analysis that someone has intentionally written ineptly to parody the beat writers and casual fans from the first and second uses.

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