A graph of game threat levels


Dancing Grimaces

Game Threat is the colloquial term for a Game Thread on MSTI

Mike Petriello (also known as the Word Slave) usually creates a new blog post with the lineup and a short synopsis several hours before each Dodger game.  However, on very rare occasions when he is busy, he does not finish the post until right before the game begins, or on the rarest of occasions, not at all. 

As game time approaches, members become more and more uneasy with the possibility that there might be no Game Thread that day.  In response, they threaten Mike to finish it by posting images and GIFs of Grimace, a McDonald's mascot popularized in the community by Purple Drank's avatar.  The wackier the image or GIF, the more well recieved it is likely to be.  TheConman is responsible for the creation of most of the Grimace GIFs.

List of dates where there has been no Game ThreatEdit

  • September 27, 2013