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Fap Santa's avatar.

Fap Santa is an account that appears every August 7th to preside over the community holiday known as Fapmas.  He is known for having little to no criteria for discerning whether or not a comment is worthy of likes; instead opting to like virtually everything.  On the first Fapmas, Fap Santa gave out over 2,500 likes over a span of 9 hours.


Fap Santa has been criticized by some for being an annoying one-joke character that gets old quickly, and for supposedly devaluing likes by giving away too many.  Responses to these criticisms include the fact that Fapmas only comes once a year, and likes don't matter very much (but they do [not really {maybe}]).

Real IdentityEdit

Fap Santa's real identity is known amongst many MSTI members.  However, Fap Santa requests that members who know who he is not give away the secret too readily, so as to spoil the magic and wonder of Fapmas for new members.

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