EFB is a longtime MSTI reader and commentator who has been following the blog since around 2008. Ever since the beginning of the Livefyre Era, EFB has used the same Eric Karros avatar. No one knows what EFB stands for, however, VND initially speculated (and still often refers to EFB) as "Emotional First Baseman." 

Within the MSTI community, EFB is commonly referred to as a person who smokes marijuana frequently. However, this is a misnomer. The rumor began during the end of 2013 baseball season when EFB inquired whether or not anyone at MSTI smokes pipe tobacco. The response to this inquiry by a contingent of the MSTI communty, spearheaded by The Conman and Purple Drank, was the assumtion that EFB smokes marijuana out of a tobacco pipe. However, EFB often replies that "he would never smoke weed out of my briars." Yet, in an effort to "play along" with the joke, whenever anything marijuana related is mentioned, EFB may often be seen commenting "idgi," signifying his obviously sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek attempt to distance himself from any marijuana association.