EeephusBlue's twitter avatar.

EephusBlue is an exceptionally creative moderator within MSTI Community and owner of his own blog, Paint The Corners.  He is the creator of the "Stop Bunting" t-shirt, which spurred the production of many other imaginative designs. All of his work is available for sale at his Red Bubble store.


The design for the "STOP BUNTING" t-shirt

MSTI/DD LifeEdit

EephusBlue went on a hiatus from commenting at DodgersDigest for an extended period of time. It was rumored, especially by VND, that Eephus lost his Livefyre password. During May 2014, Eephus returned from his hiatus. 

Real LifeEdit

EephusBlue lives in the Bay Area and often visits Hawaii. 

He created his own Dodger blog Paint the Corners, which showcases his artistics talents, among other things. 


  • EephusBlue is 6'0, although he has claimed to be 6'10 on occassions.
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