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DodgerThoughts is an online blog about the Los Angeles Dodgers written by Jon Weisman, also known as the Root Beer Guy.  Created in 2002 and still regularly updated more than a decade later, DodgerThoughts is often considered the grandfather of Dodger blogs. 

Relations with MSTIEdit

Mike Petriello and Jon Weisman are good friends.  In July 2011, they made a YouTube video together discussing the state of the Dodgers franchise. 

The MSTI Community generally holds Jon Weisman in high regard for the quality of his writing.  His root beer reviews and comments sections has recieved a few playful jabs, though, for strict rules regarding swearing.

Many MSTI commentators have emigrated from DodgerThoughts to MSTI to avoid DodgerThought's rather restrictive "12 Rules" in order to comment freely, sometimes irrationally, and almost exclusively with hyperbole.