Dodger's 7th Ring's avatar.

Dodger's 7th Ring (commonly known as Jake) is a member of the MSTI community.  At age 16 in August 2013, he was notable for being the youngest long-time regular member.  He looked up to his older fellow Dodger fans, often seeking advice or help on subjects like homework, relationships, and gaining twitter followers.  This often led to him getting teased.  He is also teased for his love of Green Day, who he calls "One of the greatest bands ever."

On August 17, 2013, Jake decided to take an extended hiatus from MSTI until further notice.  He returned on October 22.

Personal LifeEdit

Dodger's 7th Ring's real name is Jake.  He was born in 1997.  His father is Richard Steven Horvitz , a voice actor in Hollywood who also starred in the 1987 cult comedy Summer School .