Disgruntled Goat's avatar.

Disgruntled Goat 
(originally known as El Serracho) is one of the most prominent members and moderators of the MSTI Community. He has typed more comments and recieved more likes than any other member, although he is not particularly proud of it. He also frequently uses the word "sigh" when commenting. HE HAS HAD SEX WITH DRANK while efb watched. 

Life as a GoatEdit

On MSTI, Disgruntled Goat writes as if he were an anthropomorphic goat.  Although it is a much smaller aspect of his online personality than other members (such as Purple Drank), it is still not considered very tactful to question the legitimacy of his goatness.

As a moderator, Goat's duty is to remove racist/sexist comments. He generally refrains from and makes light of the sillier and stranger activities amongst the community, but is not above occasionally indulging in the antics himself.
Goat on banana boat

Goat on vacation, happily riding a banana boat, while thinking, "this boat is not as awesome as a banana slug."

Real LifeEdit

Goat enjoys traveling and biking.

Goat used to live in Orange, CA before buying and moving into a dairy farm.