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DKDodgers has been a recurring member of the MSTI community (and its successor, DodgersDigest) since 2012.  Early on, he was perhaps best known for persistently advocating several unconventional baseball beliefs and opinions (mostly during 2013), which included:
  • The 2013 Dodgers/Diamondbacks brawl was a unique male bonding and team strengthening event that had an immeasurable benefit on the season, contributing to the team's incredible mid-season run.
  • Pitcher's Wins are not an entirely useless statistic, as it tends to reward pitchers with a better than average ability to protect leads in low scoring games.
  • Zach Greinke (once recovered from his broken collarbone) was ultimately more effective than Clayton Kershaw in 2013 due to his superior statistics in games in which the Dodgers scored 1-3 runs.
  • Dee Gordon is a potential run-scoring machine as he is able to get himself into scoring position on his own power at a higher percentage than virtually every other MLB player, has a career ceiling equal to Davey Lopes and should be the Dodgers starting 2B in 2014.
  • If given the playing time, Tim Federowicz would eventually become an All-Star caliber catcher and hit HR at a 5%/PA rate.
  • Ross Stripling is at least as good as Zach Lee and could have been an effective MLB starter in 2014 were it not for TJ surgery.
  • The best pitchers have an ability to 'dial it up' a notch when the team needs them most which explains their higher-than-expected win-loss percentages in games with low run support.

DKDodgers has also been a reasonably successful prognosticator.

  • Before the 2013 season began, he predicted that the Dodgers would win exactly 92 games during an injury-riddled season and, if that was enough to win the division, they would have a good chance to win the World Series.
  • In April and May of 2013, he vigorously advocated for Puig to be promoted from Chattanooga and projected that Puig would post statistics similar to Mike Trout. While being roundly ridiculed for his beliefs at the time, Puig was recalled in June and helped lead the team to the division title and his stat line has proved to be somewhat comparable to Trout's.
  • After advocating for Dee throughout 2013, in February 2014 (before the first Spring Training game) he wrote an article that got published suggesting that Dee Gordon be allowed to compete for the Dodgers starting 2B job:
  • In 2002, DK predicted on that a then-struggling Adrian Beltre would eventually right the ship and have a Hall Of Fame career.
DKDodgers is also known for writing lengthy comments explaining and defending his positions.  On August 12, 2013, DkDodgers wrote an 1,217 word essay with the thesis that Dee Gordon could be one of the top run-scoring players in the league given his ability to get himself into scoring position at a higher percentage of time than many of the elite players in baseball.  It was one of his most well-recieved comments, gathering 10 likes, but some pointed out that it was more than twice as long as Mike's post that day (601 words) and that DkDodgers should perhaps consider starting a blog.

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DKDodgers is sometimes criticized for what some consider to be an aggressive and persistent style of advocacy and a dry sarcastic wit. To help readers better identify when he is using irony, DK sometimes includes a "serious meter" at the end of some posts.

DK was banned from the DodgersDigest community early in the 2014 season after an apparent disagreement with at least one moderator. DK tried several times to continue participating under a series of aliases but his content always gave him away. In a surprising turn of events, DK was allowed to rejoin the community during the 2014-2015 off-season and has become a substantive contributor (while trying to keep his vigorous advocacy projects to a minimum).