The original video, as posted by efb in the threat "To Van Slyke, Or Not To Van Slyke" in between Games 1 and 2


The updated version, uploaded by efb later in the same threat

Chopped is a term that originated during the 2013 NLDS when the Dodgers began the series in Atlanta.

Within the first 30 nanoseconds of Game 1, MSTI-ers grew weary of the stupidly lame/racist "tomahawk chop" that the Barve fans perform in unison during any point of a Barve game (from "0-0 count to first batter of first inning" to "full count with game tied and bases loaded in ninth"). Clayton Kershaw struck out Justin Upton on a nasty pitch midway through the game, with the TBS cameras then cutting to a despondent Barves fan who had briefly ceased doing "the chop" to shake his head in dismay.

The MSTI Community banded together to create two separate GIFs of the event, with the later one added text reading "#Chopped." As the series went on, the phrase's application extended to cover almost any moment when the Dodgers did something well against the Barves.