Catfishin's avatar during the summer of 2013, which features Andre Ethier flipping off photographers.

"The Inn door slams open, in strides Catfishin, a puss-in-boots-looking motherfucker of a cat with a fishing hole in hand, he slyly saunters up to the bar, laying a pair of coins down upon it as if to pay the boatman, then utters some words in the dimly lit hovel of an libations establishment - Barkeep, one drank. Make it purple. Meow."

Catfishin is a prominent member of the MSTI community.  He is well known for posting strange and lewd content for shock value.  Examples include drawing Mike Petriello's avatar in blackface and asking questions to other community members such as, "Would you fuck Vin Scully?" His view of fellow MSTI members: "you're the toilet paper I wipe my shit on." 

He even went so far as to ask SpaceDodgers to marry him. When the MSTYs came around, he expressed disappointment for not being able to nominate SpaceDodgers for "best fiance of the year." Although he jokes, he adores her, which is understandable.

Despite the extreme nature of his mannerisms, there is generally no ill will behind them, which has allowed him to avoid ever being considered a troll.  When asked one time by a new user how he avoids getting banned, he responded that he followed one basic rule - "Don't be a dick."

Catfishin is also a competent photoshopper, and regularly makes photoshopped graphics - although they typically have a 'Catfishin' twist to them (for example, Puig surreptitiously pooping in the Diamondbacks pool).

Real LifeEdit

Catfishin's real name is Kyle.  He was born in 1988.  He writes reviews of video games (i.e. dabes job ever)