Carl is one of the few members who uses his real face in his avatar.

Carl E. Creaseman 
is a member of the MSTI Community.  He is known for using perfect spelling, grammar and sentence structure in his comments (something highly unusual on the internet).  He was also a staunch supporter of James Loney before the Punto Trade.

Despite holding several positions that are largely in conflict with most of the other members, Carl is very well-respected amongst the community.


On September 5th, 2012, Carl wrote a long post requesting that other commenters refrain from using foul language (specifically the word "fuck") because as a Christian, it distressed him to see it.  This ended up prompting two debates, one about swearing and another about the fact that he mentioned his Christian beliefs (a big taboo).  The consensus was that due to emotions, swearing was inevitable, and Carl could go to a place like DodgerThoughts for a swearing-free environment.  It was also again established that talking about one's religion is undesirable because it is a polarizing topic, and that the primary focus should be things like baseball.