Butts & poop

Catfishin and VietnamDodger celebrating butts & poop

Butts & Poop was a MSTI Cartoon made on June 26, 2012.  It was an illustration of the discussion that had taken place on MSTI that night which had been dominated by VietnamDodger and Catfishin making jokes about posteriors and feces. In it, Catfishin and VietnamDodger are loudly proclaiming "Butts & Poop!" and VietnamDodger's traditional pink ice cream cone is replaced with a poop cream cone.

After originally being published, the image began to be reposted regularly by Catfishin during subsequent conversations of a similar lowbrow nature.  Other members also began posting "buttsandpoop.jpg" or "poopcream.jpg" in similar situations.

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