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Blah (born 1994) is a member of the MSTI Community.  He is known for making MSTI Cartoons, photoshops, audio recordings, fanfiction, and other various multimedia relating to MSTI and its community. 

Personal LifeEdit

Blah's real name is David.  He was born in 1994.  He grew up in Northern California and is currently attending college in Ohio. During winter 2013-2014 Blah announced that he would not post on MSTI (Dodgers Digest was not yet in existence at the time) to concentrate on school work. There was much speculation at MSTI/DD as to whether he would return when his Spring Semester ended. To the joy of much of the DD community, Blah returned the evening of May 27, 2014 posting a video for the record books.



Having been raised in a strict Christian household and attending a strict Christian college, Blah was very sheltered when he first joined MSTI and often did not get the more off-color references made by MSTI users.  The most famous example is when Catfishin posted a picture of a butt plug, and Blah thought it was a juicer.


Blah's Naivety

Blah responding to one of Catfishin's posts

  • Because the username "Blah" was already taken by somebody on Livefyre, the l in Blah's username is actually a capital i.
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