A.J. Ellis hosting the show "Between Two Palm Trees" with Clayton Kershaw

"Vin Scully and A.J. Ellis are basically two of my favorite people on the planet." - Mike Petriello, in his A.J. Ellis 2012 Year in Review

A.J. Ellis is the current Dodgers starting catcher, and one of the most beloved personalities in the Dodger clubhouse by Mike Petriello and the MSTI community. 

He was the All-Star candidate for which MSTI's #AJ2KC campaign was created (efb's idea, i swear to Kersh).  He was also first player on the Dodgers to publicly acknowledge readership of MSTI.  On October 7, 2012, he tweeted, "As @J_Ellis31 awaits his LSAT score I too am excited/nervous to for my @mike_petriello MSTI grade. Hope I do better than "inc." I got in '08".